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Contract management software solution for companies

Cloud-based out-of-the-box contract management software that automates your contract management. Increase visibility and compliance.

Try M-Files for yourself, for free. Completely.

Contract automation: prevent errors, increase insight and improve productivity

Contract management software is one of the most crucial aspects of managing a business. Using the right system is key. An out-of-the-box solution for contract management often answers the needs of organizations much more effectively than a customized solution. M-Files contract management software is the solution for creating, assessing and approving contracts. Mobile first, so work on any device. You promote consistency, transparency and accountability. Download the brochure with an overview of all M-Files benefits for contract management.

In addition to contract management, M-Files is also available as a asset management software, quality management software and as document management software for human resources.

Benefits M-Files contract management software


Without easy access to contracts, purchasing teams and contract managers, you risk eroding the value of agreements and contracts. M-Files unites contracts and contract data in a uniform view to ensure that everyone works with the same version of the contract or agreement.


M-Files maintains a full audit history including extended version control. Automatic permissions ensure that only authorized users have access to the data. Organizations achieve savings by reducing off contract spend by storing and tracking negotiated discounts.


Automating your contract management increases efficiency and streamlines your processes. Within M-Files contract management, the automatic workflows process contracts through their life cycle, keeping your employees up to date through notifications and tasks (e.g. awaiting a signature).

Support for your total contract management – from creation to archiving

  • Initiate an application: Contract request templates can be created to streamline the initiation process. In the library you will find approval and release templates.
  • Drafting and negotiating: During the drafting and negotiation process there is version management on the trial versions of contracts. Microsoft Office and Office 365 integration encourages collaboration.
  • Assessment and approval: Flexible workflows help with step-by-step assessment and approval.
  • Sign electronically: Documents can be signed with DocuSign’s eSignature capabilities or even sign on the go via one of the mobile applications.
  • Execute: Milestones, commitments and problems are managed with automated commands and notifications.
  • Manage: Contracts are indexed using important metadata such as customers, projects or properties. As a result, contracts are organized dynamically. Link amendments, attachments and other related documents to the main contract. See which contracts expire or need your attention via dynamic dashboards.
  • Find and retrieve: Advanced search capabilities and flexible views ensure you find the right contract.
  • Renew and archive: Automate contract renewal and the archiving process. Receive notifications about expiration dates, leaving you more time for upsell and cross-sell.
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