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The most intelligent and secure
content services platform.

With M-Files, more than 9,000 organizations manage their documents and information so they can easily find, share, manage and secure them.


User friendly
137 reviews
500.000+ happy users
Visionair by Gartner
De interface van M-Files

Thousands of organizations
rely on M-Files.

Intelligent information management

Thanks to M-Files, we manage and utilize our information intelligently. We were looking for a platform that would allow us to form a complete file with information from different sources and in different formats. In addition, M-Files has a number of unique Artificial Intelligence capabilities that we make use of. All these functionalities bring our service up another level.

Open platform that moves with you

To realize our digitization ambitions, we were not looking for a solution, but for a platform that is open and integrates easily. A lot of software specializes, but M-Files is truly a central platform to which we can easily connect existing applications and different departments with their own distinctive way of working.

Serving customers better thanks to M-Files

Our customer files are now complete, because information from all kinds of sources is easily linked and offered in one interface. In this way we create a complete 360 degree customer dossier. This gives our employees easy access to all information, also directly from Outlook, and therefore allows us to serve our customers better. M-Files improves our information management drastically, without disrupting our processes.

Independent market analysts share their enthusiasm for M-Files.

M-Files remains dominant through its leading connected content and intelligent information management.
Barbara Peck, chief research analyst, Nucleus Research
M-Files leverages metadata and AI to intelligently display documents in context, including from remote locations such as network folders.
The Forrester Wave™ Content Platforms
M-Files offers strong and unique capabilities with metadata, smart & fast search and flexible migration.
Gartner Magic Quadrant voor Content Services Platforms

#1 Content Services Platform for managing documents and information securely, efficiently and user-friendly

This is the best platform for document-intensive organizations. Below is an overview of some of the features that make M-Files so beloved and user-friendly.

Fast search

Google-like search for all information and documents, regardless of location.

Secure information sharing

Share documents easily and securely, both internally and externally.

Smart workflows

Streamline processes and tasks with smart workflows. Including digital signatures.

Location is no longer a factor

Manage information and documents based on context rather than location.

Manage documents with AI

Automatic document classification and risk detection.

Connected content 360

Create a 360-degree view by linking data to documents.

Version control

Assurance of correct version and extensive version history with easy rollback.

Permission management

Fine-tune very carefully who is allowed to do what and at what time. Inside and outside the organization.

Efficiënte samenwerking

Collaborate on documents with co-authoring, including notifications.

Integrate with existing applications without disrupting processes.
M-Files integratie met SharePoint
M-Files integratie met Salesforce

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5 reasons why more than 9,000 organizations use M-Files.


1. Manage documents smarter

Find documents faster than ever. M-Files provides instant access to all the information you need, wherever it is.

  • All documents and information accessible from one place
  • Accessible from any screen and any device – even without the Internet
  • Connect almost any storage location and application
  • Always only one and the correct version of a document

2. Optimizing processes

With M-Files, work gets done faster by automating tasks and processes with advanced and smart workflows.

  • Automate and streamline processes
  • Visual workflow builder
  • Automatic notifications
  • Insight into processes and statuses
Optimaliseer processen met M-Files
Verbeter de online klantervaring dankzij M-Files

3. Collaborating with customers and external stakeholders

Provide digital customer experiences that boost your business. Documents, people, processes, discussions and more – all instantly available in a secure online portal.

  • Create an online portal for customers or other external parties
  • All documents and information always available
  • Easily review, approve and sign documents
  • Secure way of exchanging documents

4. Document and information security

Keep data and documents secure and enforce corporate guidelines across the organization. Easily comply with laws & regulations and be audit ready.

  • Total control over who can see and do what, and when
  • Complete audit trails – quick insight into who does what when
  • Enterprise security for all data in transit & in rest
  • Print & download prevention
Met M-Files beveilig je informatie en documenten
M-Files zorgt voor efficiëntieverbeteringen

5. Improve efficiency in the organization

Stop searching for documents, printing documents, and copying and pasting documents.

  • Find all files, documents and information from all applications (thanks to the M-Files API)
  • See only documents and information relevant to your role or responsibility
  • Collaborate on documents simultaneously with co-authoring

Total control on all information.
Be ready for the future.

It’s time for grip & control over your data. Wherever your content resides – even in other systems and storage locations – bring it all into one view, connect it to your business processes and prevent risks.

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How can your organization benefit from M-Files?

Every organization and industry has its own specific information challenges.

M-Files voor de financiële dienstverlening
Financial services

Your customers want exceptional service and customized financial products at a low price. That’s challenging when employees have to spend hours searching for information and when things like onboarding, order processing and loan approval require a lot of paper and physical handling.

  • Customer documents & information in one place
  • Always complete customer files
  • Automate processes such as approvals and order requests
  • Top security and audit ready
M-Files voor accountancy

Revolutionize the way your accounting organization manages documents and information. Reduce compliance risk, provide employees with modern information, delight large customers and overcome your competition. By managing all client information from one place and providing opportunities for digital collaboration.

  • Connect all data & documents from different locations
  • Reduce risk and non-compliance
  • Retain top talent & increase profitability
  • Provide an unbeatable customer experience
M-Files voor de maakindustrie
Production & industry

M-Files allows you to focus on making and delivering products. With documents lying around everywhere, keeping track of what’s happening in the supply chain is a challenge. What are the latest specifications? Where are the certificates for this part? How does the customer want their product shipped?

  • Complete overview of quotations, quality documents, parts lists, etc.
  • Digitize processes
  • Meet ISO standards
  • Integrate your ERP software
M-Files voor de zakelijke dienstverlening
Professional services

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, they want customized products and services and information that is available 24/7. And all that at an attractive price. That’s a challenge when documents are lying around everywhere and processes like client onboarding and case management are manual.

  • Automate customer onboarding, case management, project kick-offs, etc.
  • Work anywhere you want
  • Secure your customer information
  • Offer an online customer environment
M-Files voor de bouw & constructie
Construction & Architecture

Construction projects are large, complex and fragmented. To deliver on time and on budget, you need visibility into your processes and the ability to automate manual and lengthy tasks that deplete resources. In addition, you want to maintain procedures around safety.

  • All project information in one place
  • Automate back-office tasks
  • Ensure safety on the construction site with the right procedures
  • User-friendly transmittals for document exchange
M-Files voor kwaliteitsmanagement
Quality Management

Manage and share procedures, monitor training and make audits more effective. M-Files makes it possible to track quality documents at any time. Whether it’s internal procedures your staff must follow or regulations and standards like GDPR/CCPA, ISO, HIPAA and more.

  • Manage procedures and track what is happening
  • Distribute and enforce learning assignments
  • Be audit ready and take action
  • Access quality documents anywhere
Everything about M-Files.

What is M-Files?

M-Files provides an information management platform designed to improve business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively. Unlike traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems or content service platforms, M-Files unifies systems, data and content across the organization without disrupting existing systems and processes or requiring data migration.

Who uses M-Files?

M-Files suits any organization that works with documents, projects, files and surrounding processes and is suitable for small to large companies. In the Netherlands, Mediamarkt, Heijmans, BDO and ARAG, among others, manage their documents and information with M-Files.

Where does M-Files come from?

M-Files originated in Finland, and that is also where the platform is continuously being developed. Today M-Files has offices all over the world, from the United States to Europe.</span

Does M-Files run in the cloud?

With M-Files, the choice is yours. Use M-Files on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution with a single license subscription. Easy deployment and automatic updates enable organizations to improve efficiency and reap the benefits of M-Files from day one. Read more about M-Files deployments.</span

Does M-Files integrate with other applications?

The M-Files is an open platform and has integrations available for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Salesforce, among others. In addition, the M-Files RESTful API provides the ability to integrate with any other application.

Can M-Files be self-managed?

M-Files offers extensive options for in-house management including user-friendly management environment. In addition, through the wide range of the M-Files academy, any organization can develop the right knowledge internally. .

How much does M-Files cost?

The price of M-Files is based on the number and type of users. This makes the platform flexible and optimally scalable. Take a look at the different M-Files packages.</span

Can I try M-Files first?

There are two ways to do that. M-Files is free to download so you can try the platform for yourself or request a personal demonstration where they will look very specifically at your situation and challenges, with the opportunity to ask questions.

Are there any M-Files partners in The Netherlands?

Yes! Indeed, the global M-Files partner of the year is GeONE from Utrecht.

Are there any mobile applications of M-Files?

M-Files is available through the client application on Windows and MAC OS, through the web version in any browser, and through applications on M-Files iOS and M-Files Android.

Is M-Files secure?

M-Files offers state-of-the-art security techniques such as market-leading access control features, audit trails, federated authentication, encryption during data exchange and storage, intrusion detection, data loss prevention and unmatched high availability. Furthermore, M-Files has fully GDPR-proof servers in Amsterdam if required.</span

What about GDPR and AVG legislation?

M-Files not only gives you the ability to easily comply with laws and regulations as an organization, your data is also secure on European servers and fully GDPR-proof.

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