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Documents under control.

Manage information with metadata so you can easily find, share, manage and secure them.

Find information faster than ever.

Meet the world's only platform built on metadata.

What is metadata?

Quick search and find

Google-like search to all information and documents, regardless of location.

Sharing information securely

Share documents easily and securely, both internally and externally.

Smart workflows

Streamline processes and tasks with smart workflows. Includes digital signature.

Location no longer a factor

Manage information and documents based on context rather than location.

Manage documents with AI

Connected content 360

Create a 360-degree view by linking data to documents.

Version management

Certainty about the correct version via extensive version history with easy rollback.

Extended permissions

Tune very precisely who can do what and when. Inside and outside the organisation.

Efficient cooperation

Collaborate on documents with co-authoring, including notifications.

They can't be wrong.

More than 9,000 organisations use M-Files.

Intelligent information management

Thanks to M-Files, we manage and use our information in a smart way. We were looking for a platform that...

Open platform that moves with you

To fulfil our digitisation ambitions, we were not looking for a solution, but for a platform that is open and...

Serve customers better thanks to M-Files

Our customer records are now complete, as information from all kinds of sources is easily linked and offered in one interface. On this...

Unsurpassed reviews.

267% ROI

According to independent investigation From Forrester Research.


Awarded 'Top Rated' on Trustradius.


95% of the Gartner Peer Insights Recommends M-Files.

1.5 hours

Time savings per day In finding information.

M-Files remains dominant through its leading connected content and intelligent information management.
Barbara Peck, chief research analyst, Nucleus Research
M-Files leverages metadata and AI to create documents cleverly displayed in context, including from external locations such as network folders.
The Forrester Wave™ Content Platforms
M-Files offers strong and unique possibilities with metadata, smart & fast search, AI features and flexible migration.
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms
Seamless integrations.

M-Files integrates with almost every application imaginable.

M-Files integration with SharePoint
M-Files integration with Salesforce

Frequently asked questions.

M-Files is an information management software platform designed for improved business performance by helping people find and use information more effectively. Unlike traditional enterprise content management (ECM) systems or content services platforms, M-Files unifies systems, data and content across the organisation without disrupting existing systems and processes or requiring data migration. M-Files thus goes beyond a standard Document Management System (DMS).
M-Files suits any organisation working with documents, projects, files and surrounding processes and is suitable for small to large companies. In the Netherlands, Mediamarkt, Heijmans, BDO and ARAG, among others, manage their documents and information with M-Files.
M-Files originated in Finland and that is also where the platform is constantly being developed. Today, M-Files has offices all over the world, from the United States to Europe.
With M-Files, the choice is yours. Use M-Files on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution with a single licence subscription. Easy deployment and automatic updates enable organisations to improve efficiency and enjoy the benefits of M-Files from day one. Read more about the M-Files deployments.
M-Files is an open platform and has integrations available for, among others Microsoft Office 365SharePointMicrosoft Teams and Salesforce. In addition, the M-Files RESTful API provides the ability to integrate with any other application.
M-Files offers extensive options for in-house management including user-friendly management environment. Moreover, through the wide range of the M-Files academy, any organisation can develop the right knowledge internally.
The price of M-Files is based on the number and type of users. This makes the platform flexible and optimally scalable. See the different M-Files packages.
This can be done in two ways: M-Files is free to download so you can try the platform yourself or request a personal demonstration looking very specifically at your situation and challenges, with the opportunity to ask questions.
Yes! Indeed, the global M-Files partner of the year is GeONE From Utrecht.
M-Files is available via the client application on Windows and MAC OS, via the web version in any browser and via applications on M-Files iOS and M-Files Android.
M-Files offers state-of-the-art security techniques such as market-leading access control features, audit trails, federated authentication, encryption during data exchange and storage, intrusion detection, data loss prevention and unmatched high availability. Moreover, M-Files has full GDPR-proof servers in Amsterdam. More on M-Files security.
M-Files not only allows you to easily comply with laws and regulations as an organisation, your data is also secure on European servers and fully GDPR-proof.
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