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M-Files integration with AFASStreamline document management with M-Files and AFAS.

Link data from AFAS.

Discover the ground-breaking integration of M-Files with AFAS, a solution designed to transform and streamline your document management. This innovative integration allows your organisation to seamlessly link crucial data from AFAS to relevant documents in M-Files, enabling unparalleled synchronisation of information and workflow.

The M-Files integration with AFAS is more than just a bridge between two platforms; it is a total solution that ensures streamlined access to information, improved collaboration, and a significant increase in productivity.

Documents linking.

Automatically link relevant documents to specific records in AFAS. This includes contracts, quotations, emails, and more, so that all important information is available in one central place.

Finding at lightning speed of documents.

Quickly find the documents you need using powerful search functions. Search by keyword, content, project, customer, or any other custom field defined in AFAS.

Precision access management at document level.

Benefit from advanced access management features to ensure only authorised users can access sensitive documents. This enhances security and meets compliance requirements.

Want to see AFAS integration live?

Our Dutch specialists are ready to show you this unique integration. Schedule an online demonstration at your convenience and get all your questions answered.


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