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What are your organisation's information risks?

Information is vital to any organisation, but at the same time it also poses a risk. Much of an organisation's (most sensitive) information is contained in documents that employees have to store, process, manage and share every day. As cyber attacks continue to proliferate,...

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Securing documents: how do you keep documents safe? 

In our digital world, where data and information are invaluable, securing documents is vital. Organisations face increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and privacy issues, as well as careless colleagues who leave documents lying around. This makes it...

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How compliance and productivity go hand in hand

All companies need to protect their own data and that of others. They also all face legal obligations and need to stay compliant. However, it is often easier said than done: it often requires extra efforts from employees....

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Content services platform: guide to 2024

In the digital age where companies are constantly faced with an abundance of information and data, content and document management has become a crucial factor for success. Traditional storage methods (network drive) and outdated systems (Google Drive, SharePoint, WeTransfer, etc.)...

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