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The extensive possibilities and functionalities of M-Files

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A complete overview of the functionalities of M-Files


Save documents and files quickly and easily, with the assurance that they can be easily found and opened by others. Watch video.

Version control

Edit documents easily. Check a document in and out, so there is always one version of it. Watch video.

Dynamic views

A virtual folder structure that organises documents based on what it is instead of where you store it. Much more logical. Watch video.

Short implementation time

No months, but weeks. So less costs.


Intelligent Metadata Layer

Everything about Intelligent Metadata Layer

One point of access to all information and documents

Combine all data, documents and information from other systems without migrating them.

Automatic document recognition

Thanks to AI technology, M-Files automatically recognises metadata from a document. M-Files even recognises the type and tells you whether something is a contract or an invoice.

Microsoft Outlook

Save e-mails and attachments directly from Outlook. M-Files automatically recognises and stores information. Watch video.


Streamlined workflows (billing, approval process, etc.) with automatic notifications. Simplify processes. Maintain visibility and control. Watch video.


Secure approval of documents and processes, even mobile. Save paper and embrace flexibility. Watch video.


Avoid unnecessary work. Standardize documents (contracts, invoices, etc.) and automatically insert information. Watch video.

Easy sharing

Share a document with a single click. Send information securely, quickly and easily through a variety of channels. Watch video.


Apps for Android, iOS and Windows. So real freedom to work. Watch video.

Smart searching

Also inside files, so everything is always found. Makes typos less important. Watch video.

Extensive integration

Not only does it keep your current systems (investments), but it uses them even better. That saves money and delivers more results. See the integrations.


Set permissions based on what is something, rather than where it is stored. That gives more authorisation options, even for complex authorisations. Watch video.

Working together

Edit one document at a time, so you can see what another is doing and really work together. Unambiguous and without duplicates. Watch video.

Offline availability

No more dependence on an internet connection. Even without internet access to documents and information. Welcome mobility. Watch video.

Scanning & OCR

Scan document and make it instantly searchable with OCR technology. M-Files works with virtually any USB scanner. Watch video.

Remarks & marking

Easily add comments and highlight sentences or entire pages. View this by user or even all comments in one. Watch video.

Mobile scanning

Scan documents (e.g. invoices) and add them directly to M-Files with the apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Watch video.

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