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Version control ensures always the right version

Version control of M-Files ensures that you always have access to the latest and correct version of a document. You can easily see what has changed, who has changed what and when the change was made, so you don’t have to worry about outdated documents or manually sorting multiple file versions.

Why is version control important?

Searching for the right document can be time consuming. How do you know that the document you have before you is the last one? Searching through multiple versions of the same file and comparing changes takes time and reduces productivity. Instead, M-Files provides you with robust version control that enables users to manage documents efficiently.

But also when version tracking is important, such as in different compliance situations, version control gives you grip.

  • Searching for the right version can be time consuming
  • No insight into change history of a document
  • Inconsistency in versions
  • Wrong versions

Version control options

Prevent misunderstandings about different versions, changes and more thanks to:

Check-in and check-out

This functionality makes it easy to keep track of when and by whom a document is being edited.

Retain old versions with rollback

All previous versions are stored ‘under’ the latest version so that a history of versions is created. It is easy to fall back on an earlier version.

Change log

A comprehensive change log that keeps track of usernames, timestamps, comments, and more. See at a glance what has been changed by whom and when.


Support for co-authorship to enable simultaneous editing by multiple users. Offline features that enable controlled editing even without network access or Internet connection.

Major and minor versions

M-Files offers the possibility to work with different types of versions, namely major and minor. Version numbering and distinction between the different versions is done automatically.

Benefits of version control

Work together at the same time

Projects are becoming more and more complex. This means that more and more people have to work on the same document, without having to worry about whether the document is duplicated unnecessarily. Or that it is accidentally overwritten.

By using M-Files you avoid this because there is always only one workable version of a document. Other versions are stored in history.

Think of it as a stack, the right document is always on top.


When a document undergoes multiple changes or mutations, it can be important to have insight into the change history.

M-Files offers an extensive log where everything (change, date, persons, etc.) is logged and displayed in an overview.

In this way, the document life cycle is easy to see.

Single point of truth

If you are unsure whether you are working with the correct version of a document, information may be incorrect. This can have disastrous consequences.

With version control, you can always be sure that you are working with the correct information.

No human action

Organizing versions requires no more human effort, because new versions are automatically updated. This automation prevents errors.

Video about version control

See how easy version control works in M-Files and what the extensive possibilities are.

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