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Grip on documents,
procedures and instructions

Document management for the manufacturing industry

Control over documents, processes and procedures

The manufacturing industry converts ideas into tangible products. From industrial machines to chemicals and metals, to the production of food and medicines. Ensuring constant quality and fast access to important information is crucial. M-Files makes the management of documents, processes, SOPs and CAPAs simple and efficient, while only the right people have direct access to the latest information. Anywhere, anytime.

All information together: better decisions

M-Files is the solution for document and quality management of policies and procedures, other quality documents, audits, CAPAs, risks and training and qualification of employees. With M-Files, industrial companies have a single solution to easily manage documentation and data, wherever they are located. The ability to connect, manage, and process data from multiple systems in one place enables you to make more informed decisions.

Manage and limit risks

Thanks to M-Files, organisations limit risks arising from regulations. In M-Files, organisations keep all their records. Documents can be retrieved immediately in case of an audit. Steps in approval processes can be enforced thanks to M-Files. And organizations can use M-Files to maintain employee training.

Support for all phases in production

Processes, regulations and challenges may differ, but there are five basic steps that each production organisation follows.

  1. R&D: Product design and specification
  2. Sourcing: Reception of raw materials and collection of parts
  3. Production: Assembly of products
  4. Storage and distribution
  5. Customer interaction

Each of these five phases requires different paperwork and processes. M-Files not only reduces the amount of paperwork, but also improves visibility, efficiency and productivity, leading to cost savings and additional profitability.

Document management functionalities for the manufacturing industry

Thanks to its open character, simplicity and wide range of functionalities, M-Files can handle any usage situation.

Document management

Product & technical document management
Project document management
Appointments and Calendars
Access control and notifications

Supplier management

Invoice processing
Contract management
Supplier data

Asset management

Machine data
Machine management
Maintenance management


Complaints management

Quality management

Quality documents and SOPs
Employee training / document learning
Deviations and CAPAs
Management of permits
Audit management
Risk management
HSE management
Process management (process maps)
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