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Document management
Architectuur, Bouw en Engineering

Automatiseer documentprocessen, reduceer kosten, verhoog efficiëntie. Vergroot inzicht en voldoe aan compliance.

Document management challenges architecture, construction and engineering

Conceptualizing, designing and building things requires a lot of planning and documentation. M-Files always stores one up-to-date version of every document in your organisation. Finding and opening AutoCAD drawings, building plans, proposals, bids and more, is quick and easy. Moreover, wherever you want and in a safe way. Something very useful in architecture, construction and engineering.

Benefits for construction and architecture

M-Files earns itself back in no time and from day one architects, builders and engineers benefit from the advantages.

All documents in one place
Don’t lose any more documents
Facilitate compliance and strengthen security
Manage who can and cannot see documents
Save an enormous amount of time
Work location independent
Automate redundant processes
Real-time online collaboration
One version of a document: avoid failure costs
Documents and information under control

Document management functionalities

Drawing management

Find, manage and share drawings, CAD files, DWG files and other documents and give them a possible lifecycle.


Create, send and track transmittals easily and quickly, reducing the risk of errors.

Automate processes

Managing processes manually on a daily basis is not exactly making the most of your time. M-Files automates architectural, structural and engineering workflows. Think of automating approval processes of plans, specifications and drawings. This ensures consistency and M-Files ensures that every step of your process is followed.

Approach everything, from any device

View documents and manage processes on the go with the M-Files app for iPhone, iPad and Android. Review and approve proposals, view drawings and capture project related documents with your mobile device while on location.

Sharing and working together

Sharing documents is as simple as a right-click. Whether you want to send a document to someone or collaborate with colleagues, M-Files keeps everything streamlined and organized. Communicate and share critical documents and design files in real time.

Instantly find what you are looking for

Sometimes it seems impossible to find a document when you need it. Where is the document stored? Who last edited the document?

What if all this didn’t matter? M-Files eliminates the chaos of traditional folders by storing documents based on what they are. This way you don’t have to remember where something is stored or which version is the right one.

With M-Files we reduce failure costs and increase efficiency, saving time and therefore money.
- Den Hollander building advice -
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