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Document management in the Oil and Gas industry

Take advantage of the special M-Files environment for the oil & gas industry

M-Files environment especially for oil and gas companies

We have developed an M-Files environment especially for companies in the oil & gas industry to manage all common asset, operational and commercial documents. Companies benefit from standardized workflows, document types, object types and other document management applications common in the oil & gas industry.

The M-Files environment is designed for technical (new build) projects, maintenance and operational organization, SHEQ procedures, customer service, commercial documents, procurement documents and all other support processes that generate or need to control documents.

Specific workflows are linked to these different types of documents. These workflows are set up in such a way that companies can make them fit immediately with only minor changes. This avoids long implementation processes and companies benefit directly from GeONE’s experience in the oil & gas industry.

M-Files links easily with maintenance management systems so that all asset related documents such as P&ID’s, manuals and checklists can be consulted directly during operational and technical activities.

Super fast implementation

Most important elements and processes are already in place. An enormous saving in time, people and therefore costs.

Direct quick wins

Thanks to GeONE’s experience, you will immediately gain insight, efficiency and control.


Easily connect the open structure of M-Files to existing asset management or other systems.

M-Files for the Oil and Gas Industry

Risk management

In case of unexpected downtime, the ability to have the right information immediately available is crucial. The profitability and reputation of oil and gas companies may depend on this. Oil and gas companies should have complete control over their documents and drawings at all times. This allows them to act immediately and quickly in the event of a critical situation.

Time saving

Critical information may be spread across different branches or systems within the organization. This can cost oil and gas companies an awful lot of time when they need to verify documents that they are up to date and that they correspond to the actual situation.


From contract reporting to insights into health and safety factors, oil and gas companies must actively comply with many industry standards. This is only possible with the right records management and storage. As a result of increased government regulations, companies need to provide even more insight into their information than before, for example with regard to their risk management. M-Files silently tackles these challenges through its focus on compliance and makes it easy for companies to comply with industry standards, laws and regulations as well as ISO.

Asset management

M-Files ensures that all asset-related information is immediately and uniformly available. Maintain full control over data during simultaneous engineering projects, so maintenance and engineering teams always work with up-to-date master data. Improve document identification, save time and optimize project results.

"With M-Files, oil and gas companies not only gain more insight, efficiency and time savings, but also the tool to comply with industry standards and government regulations."
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