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Document management software for real estate

Manage documents in a central system

Accelerate the growth of your real estate organization and eliminate bottlenecks in managing documents and information. With M-Files, you can quickly and effectively organize real estate documents and associated processes such as contracts, sales reports, surveys, appraisals, leases and more.

Proper management of documentation is crucial for several real estate companies, from limiting risks to checking leases and much more. However, this is proving increasingly difficult due to the growing volume of documents and the storage of these documents in a folder structure. Moreover, documents are also created in all kinds of different systems and in different places. This causes all kinds of silos of documents and that makes finding documents problematic. This leads to loss of time, productivity and creates unnecessary costs.

Real estate transactions, property management and asset management have to deal with a lot of documentation.

Increase efficiency

M-Files eliminates the costly and time-consuming content bottlenecks that are common in real estate companies. The future-proof M-Files platform gives staff quick and easy access to up-to-date business information and documents and places them in the right context. Such an automated environment increases operational efficiency and helps close sales faster, allowing real estate companies to grow and expand.

Improve quality

No matter where information or documents are located, M-Files can find and display them in the most current version and with all relevant objects, allowing real estate organizations to work with a 360° view of information. Such an environment improves operational quality and reduces risks, especially when it comes to organisational consistency, controllability and traceability.

Increase flexibility

When it comes to a new system, the implementation of the project and adoption by the user are important issues for many real estate companies. M-Files limits these concerns with its flexible and easy to use platform that offers extensive possibilities for integrations with common real estate applications such as Yardi or MRI.

Document management functionalities for real estate

Manage projects and documents smartly with M-Files for project management. Discover how M-Files takes project management in your organisation to the next level.

Contract & lease management

Manual work slows down processes by hours and sometimes days. To illustrate: manually processing leases with physical signatures can extend the closing process by an average of 3 days (source: AIIM). M-Files functionalities such as templates, workflows, e-signing and notifications speed up this process and reduce the risk of human error.

Asset management

M-Files provides 360° view on asset information.  Easily manage and track data, documents, reports and asset information centrally. Thanks to the metadata approach in M-Files, real estate organizations create exactly the views that suit them. Both in the office and on the road.

Acquisition management

Thanks to M-Files, real estate organizations save an enormous amount of time by speeding up annoying data migration tasks during acquisition and sales.

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