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Document management software for accountancy & professional services

Documents safe and accessible

Organizations in the accountancy and professional services industries all face a variety of document management challenges, ranging from regulatory compliance to the security and availability of their information and documents. M-Files helps these organizations comply with laws and regulations while making documents and information securely available anywhere, anytime. The result is time savings, insight and better customer service.

Instantly find what you're looking for

Sometimes it seems impossible to find the right document when you need it. Where was that document stored? Who last edited it?

What if it doesn’t matter anymore? M-Files eliminates the chaos of traditional folders by organizing the content according to what it is, so you never have to remember where documents are stored or which version is the right one, because there is only one version with extensive history.

See an overview of all the features of M-Files.

Faster assessment, approval and (digital) signing

Managing and tracking workflows around documents such as contracts or agreements takes a lot of time. M-Files drastically saves time by automating the processes surrounding documents (e.g. contract lifecycle management). M-Files knows who is responsible for which task, so notifications are sent automatically. Moreover, these processes can be executed on all devices and screens. Even digital legally valid signing.

Digital file and complete customer view

With M-Files you can easily build your digital file. It’s easy to manage things and related documentation when everything is in one place. Both permanent customer files and project-based files. Documents, contacts and invoicing data are all managed directly in M-Files. You can even share certain documents and information directly with customers while keeping sensitive information secure and private.

Make your organisation audit-proof

The failure of an audit is extremely costly and risky. It is crucial to keep everything up to date and to keep updated financial documentation. M-Files keeps track of every version of all documents. Easily view the full history of all content in your organization at any time. What’s more, M-Files makes it easy to create reports. Instantly, transparently and transparently.

Information, processes and documents always in your pocket

With M-Files you have all your files with documents and other information at hand, wherever you are. Even without an internet connection. Sign documents, approvals and reviews, reports, everything is completely mobile accessible. Full support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Moreover, M-Files supports Microsoft Outlook as a starting point. All your files, information and documents can be accessed from your e-mail environment.

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