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Microsoft Dynamics document management

Microsoft Dynamics Document Management

Perfect integration: Microsoft Dynamics document management

Documents are integral components of any ERP and CRM system. With this M-Files plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM your productivity goes up and you will get more return on your Dynamics investment.

Edit linked documents such as proposals, contracts, presentations and e-mail correspondence directly in the Dynamics interface, increasing your organisation's efficiency and productivity.

Manage customers and their documents like never before

M-Files integrates seamlessly with both Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics CRM on-premise installations. Users can easily add documents as CRM objects to, for example, accounts, leads, contacts and opportunities.

Solves the lack of document management in Microsoft Dynamics

Once added, it is simple and quick to retrieve customer-related documents within Dyamics CRM. You can also manage and edit these files via the M-Files mobile apps. Even better, the M-Files apps can make your Dynamics CRM objects available offline.

No complex setup

No lengthy implementation processes, no the Dynamics CRM integration is configured and operational in no time.

Benefits Microsoft Dynamics document management integration

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with M-Files' document management solution puts your organisation a step ahead. A few benefits at a glance:

  • Files are stored centrally
  • Mobility: working on any device, anywhere. Even without an internet connection.
  • Access to files is faster: so faster decision-making
  • Reduce physical storage to minimum: lower costs
  • Add a workflow: automating processes prevents errors and saves time. Think approval for proposals or payment of invoices.
  • Built-in version control ensures always the latest and correct version. See exactly who contributes what to which proposal.
  • Your files are protected, saves you worries and prevents annoying situations
  • User roles make division of responsibilities easier and more productive
  • Bad for the printer! This one may fall asleep at times, but it's good for our planet 🙂
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