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M-Files Aino.

AI assistant for your own data.
What can I do for you?

Ask questions about your own content.

What is the conclusion from this paper?
Show me all contracts expiring next month.
What is our profit according to this annual report?
Translate this project plan into Italian.
Is there any sensitive data in this file?
Who approved this offer?
What are the metadata of this document?

Intelligence that understands your content.

Organise information smarter thanks to M-Files Aino's generative AI technology. Communicate easily with your AI assistant that analyses your content, understands it and provides you with answers at lightning speed.

Increase your productivity by letting users ask questions about their own content, summarise documents or translate content into other languages. Take advantage of everything Aino has to offer, while keeping your information secure.

Automatic classification.

Ensure that documents are secure, comply with business rules, comply with laws & regulations and go directly into the right workflow.

Content in context.

Connect documents to the right business processes and display them in customisable views and usage scenarios.

Discover critical data.

Search sources to discover business-critical data or sensitive content in documents. Automatically apply the right actions to your data and avoid risks.

Time savings.

Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks. Thanks to this revolutionary AI help, you'll do them in no time.


Aino reads, understands, calculates, summarises and translates. And always more consistently than a human.

Seeing, with your own eyes.

Experience M-Files Aino live in action at the webinar The next generation of document management.

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