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Intelligent document and information management

With M-Files, organizations manage their documents and information. Quickly find information, workflows, tasks, easy sharing, completely secure and much more thanks to the intelligence in M-Files.


Single access to all documents, without migration

With the Intelligent Metadata Layer (IML), organizations have a single access point to all documents and information, no matter where they are located. With IML, you can open, edit and synchronize information and documents from almost any system imaginable. On any device, any screen, even without an internet connection.

All about information management today

All about information management today

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Never before have employees found their information so quickly

Thanks to the unique metadata approach, employees find information and documents based on what it is, instead of the location where it is stored. In addition, this approach offers unlimited possibilities in the management, display and access around information and documents.

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Functionalities of M-Files

Digital signing, offline document availability, annotation of drawings, document templates, an intuitive user interface and much more.
M-Files is probably the most comprehensive information management platform you’ve ever seen.

Workflows & notifications

Streamlined workflows around documents, plus automatic notifications. Simplify processes. Maintain visibility and control. Watch video.

Security & permissions

The best security and backup in the market. Access to documents based on roles, permissions and metadata and much more.

Version control

You have never seen such an extensive version control before. Check-in and check-out, collaborative editing, major and minor versions and much more.

Let Artificial Intelligence do the hard work

Thanks to the powerful AI capabilities of M-Files, organizations save a lot of time. For example, M-Files offers the possibility to automatically recognize documents or even save data from within documents without human intervention.

M-Files artificial intelligence

360° view of your information

Information and documents are located throughout the entire organization. These objects are often related to each other, but not connected because they are saved in different places and systems. This results in a fragmented overview of your information.

Data like

Customer history
Project information (statuses, etc.)
Calendars and dates
Payment status
Buildings & properties
All other imaginable data

Located in

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Exchange
and much more

Documents like

Contracts / agreements
Any other imaginable document

Located in

Google Drive
Microsoft Office
and many more

Bring everything together - 360° view

M-Files connects all information objects to each other so that you have all the information at hand at a glance.

This creates a true 360° view, for example around a customer, project, file, etc..

Independent market analyses

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GeONE consists of a group of enthusiasts who are happy to solve the information and document management challenges of organizations that want to move forward. Our professionals welcome the complexity of your challenge with open arms.

Whereas others are guided by software and its functionalities, GeONE always starts from the business processes. With M-Files, GeONE optimizes these processes and brings them in line with the business objectives. GeONE transforms IT departments from cost centers to profit centers. In this way, GeONE contributes to the profitability, service orientation and innovation capacity of organizations.

Build & Play

Thanks to our unique Build & Play method, we use user feedback for high user adoption.
More info about the Build & Play method.

Short implementation time

In just a few weeks (not months) we implement M-Files in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid system.

20+ years of experience

GeONE’s specialists have years of experience and know your processes, your sector and your specific challenges.

Join the movement

M-Files grows rapidly and is independently awarded

8.000 organisations

More than 8,000 governments and companies use M-Files.

500.000 users

More than half a million satisfied users.

The fastest growing in the world

900% growth in three years.

Best in the world

Best DMS in the world according to

Leader in Forrester Wave

Awarded Leader by Forrester.

These organizations are successful with M-Files

Thanks to GeONE - Premium M-Files partner Benelux

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