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More than 7,000 companies and governments manage their documents and information with M-Files. Thanks to M-Files, they create a 360º view of their information, files, customers, projects, etc. by connecting everything together.

Advanced permission and version management, time savings thanks to intelligent workflows, access to all documents and information on any device. All possibilities reduced in simplicity, tailored to the individual employee and his or her role within the organization.

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Bastiaan BrefeldInformation management specialist
The future of information management is intelligent

My name is Bastiaan Brefeld and I work as an information management specialist for Premium M-Files partner GeONE. In this role I help organizations with challenges concerning information, documents and data. I have 10 years of experience in information and document management and have seen that the landscape changed. Information, documents and data are becoming increasingly important for the success of an organization. From my experience I would like to show you how an organisation can intelligently manage its information and documents with M-Files.

The M-Files online experience rideDiscover all functionalities at a glance
I'll show you how to manage all your information, documents and data intelligently with M-Files.And what possibilities the unique metadata approach of M-Files offersDiscover dynamic views: display data, documents and information as you pleaseHow documents, data and information come together - without moving themHow to work anywhere thanks to M-Files on mobile or tabletDiscover how to avoid unnecessary duplication of documents and dataAccess your documents, data and information without an internet connectionHow to easily automate document processesAnd find documents and information up to 80% faster and more accuratelyHow Artificial Intelligence makes your organization more efficientLearn from practical use casesGet immediate answer: the demo is live and I answer questions

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Donderdag 1 november - 15:00 uur

Discover with your own eyes the functionalities and advantages of M-Files. Sign up for free and attend the online demonstration without obligation.

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Awarded as visionary

Second year of driveway awarded by Gartner as visionary.

The fastest growing in the world

900% in three years.

Best in the world

Best DMS in the world according to

8,000 organisations

More than 7,000 governments and companies use M-Files.

Leader in Forrester Wave

In the annual Forrester Wave M-Files has been awarded Leader.

500.000 users

More than half a million satisfied users.

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