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M-Files API

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M-Files includes an ActiveX/COM API. Supported languages are VB.NET, C#, Visual Basic, VBScript and C++. In addition, M-Files includes the M-Files Web Service API that enables programmatic access to M-Files via a REST-like interface.

The API provides enormous flexibility for developing customised solutions that integrate seamlessly with the M-Files environment. It allows developers to create specific functionalities and link M-Files to other business systems, leading to streamlined information flow and improved collaboration.

A key benefit of the M-Files API is its ability to automate information management processes, saving time and reducing human error. It also facilitates integration with other systems, avoiding data silos and increasing operational efficiency.

Security is central to the design of the M-Files API, with modern authentication and authorisation mechanisms ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. This makes the API a valuable tool for companies striving for optimised information management and a secure, automated working environment.

Dutch partner.

The possibilities of the M-Files API are endless, but require some knowledge. Want to make quick steps as an organisation? Then make use of existing knowledge.

M-Files partner GeONE from Utrecht is a specialist in the development of the M-Files API. This M-Files partner of the year has previously developed highly complex APIs for ARAG, BDO and Heijmans, among others.

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