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Our customer files are now complete, as information from all kinds of sources is easily linked and provided in one interface. This creates a complete 360-degree customer dossier. With this, our employees have all information easily available, including directly from Outlook, and so our customer can also be better served. M-Files dramatically improves our information management, without disrupting our processes.

To realise our digitisation ambitions, we were not looking for a solution, but for a platform that is open and integrates easily. A lot of software specialises, but M-Files is actually a central platform to which we can easily connect existing applications and different departments with their own distinctive ways of working.

Thanks to M-Files, we manage and exploit our information intelligently. We were looking for a platform that would allow us to form a complete file with information from different sources and in different formats. Moreover, M-Files possesses a number of unique Artificial Intelligence capabilities that we make use of. All functionalities that take our services up another level.

With M-Files, we move away from a location-based approach with folders and drives and focus entirely on creating context around content. Through metadata, we assign properties to documents; for example, we link documents to a file, expiry date, location or an owner. This in turn gives us additional possibilities in creating overviews, managing permissions and automating document processes. 

With M-Files, we realise a place where all data, documents and information come together, from insight into customer data to associated processes, but also all related content. With the platform, we create the one-stop-shop for all customer information and processes, resulting in a 360-degree view of the customer. The user-friendliness, metadata capabilities and smart functionalities make M-Files a fair choice, for our employees as well as our customers.

With M-Files' excellent security and fine-grained authorisations, customers can rely on the protection of their sensitive data. Key features of M-Files include preventing duplicated documents, streamlining workflows, advanced permission management and Google-like information retrieval. M-Files is characterised by great flexibility and is easily adaptable to changing circumstances and needs.

We were looking for a platform that is not set in stone, but rather moves with us and can adapt to tomorrow's demands. M-Files offers that flexibility both in terms of functionalities and scalability. M-Files adapts to our way of working, not the other way round, and is also extremely user-friendly.

To structure and manage all important process information, including from those projects, such as certifications, standards, protocols, procedures, manuals, work instructions and quality control, we use M-Files. This is based on the principle of 'one single point of truth': it is not about where the information is, but what it is and what context exists with other relevant information.

I now have a document overview in M-Files of 'All projects I am project manager of', completely tailored to my individual role. Moreover, I search by client name and M-Files shows all projects, documents and information of that client. Sort of like an information Barbapapa, I think of an overview or view I want and M-Files shows it.

M-Files stores documents based on 'what' it is, linking various things together. To a file, a department or a task, for example. A document fits in different files at the same time, which is no problem for M-Files. Functionally, the possibilities are unlimited, with enormous ease of use.

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