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Why M-Files?

30 reasons why you'll love M-Files.

The place where all documents and information come together.

M-Files brings together documents and information from across the organisation, allowing you to find, share, manage and secure more intelligently.

Intuitive interface.

A user-friendly interface that works smoothly for every user.

Finding rage.

Search information within your organisation as you would with Google.

Intelligent metadata.

Instead of traditional folder structures, M-Files uses metadata to organise documents. This provides a smart and flexible way to find, manage and secure information.

Comply with laws and regulations.

With M-Files, you stay compliant thanks to fine-grained permission management and extensive audit trails, among other things.

Save directly.

Save documents directly from your application and link it immediately to the right file, project or customer, for example. 

A digital jacket that always fits.

Thanks to its flexible metadata foundation, M-Files shapes itself dynamically to your working methods, processes and objects. With best practices for every sector.

Business services
Construction & architecture
Oil & gas
Food & beverage
Financial services
Legal services
Make industry
And more...

Let information flow.

With M-Files, you automate workflows and business processes, such as document approvals, archiving and publishing. Increase efficiency and minimise errors.

Always the right version.

Discover comprehensive version management that allows users to always access the latest and correct version and easily view previous versions.

A personal environment.

With Dynamic Views, you create views tailored to a personal role or task. 

Working from templates.

Standardise documents, ensure consistency and save time.

Grip on permissions.

The most fine-grained permission and authorisation management you have ever seen. Determine at object level who can and may do what, exactly at what time.

Digital signing.

Simplify signing and approval processes thanks to built-in legal e-signing services such as ValidSign, Docusign, PKIsigning and Adobe Sign.

On the same page.

With co-authoring, easily work on a document at the same time.


Because M-Files is object-based, you manage not only documents but also customers, projects, cases, files and much more.

Digital customer experiences.

Exchange documents and information securely and in real-time with external parties thanks to M-Files Hubshare.

Email management.

Quickly save e-mails and attachments in the right file or project, for example. Find attachments at lightning speed and insert them directly.

Automatically classify documents.

The self-learning auto-classifier recognises documents based on their content and places them directly into the right workflow. 

Artificial Intelligence on your side.

Meet M-Files Aino, the integrated AI assistant for your own data. Ask questions about your own content and more.

Automatic document creation.

Streamline document creation by automatically generating documents based on parameters. 

Service around the corner.

The best technical and business consultants are at your service. Meet the M-Files specialists at Dutch GeONE. 

Thousands of happy users.

M-Files has over 900,000 satisfied users and this is reflected in the reviews on Trustradius, G2 and Gartner.

On all your devices.

M-Files is available via the client application on Windows and MAC OS, via the web version in any browser and via applications on M-Files iOS and M-Files Android.

Flexible hosting.

Choose a deployment that suits your organisation: the European M-Files cloud, your own on-premises or even a hybrid form.

Loved and awarded.

Besides satisfied users, independent research institutes are also lierical. M-Files has been named a leader by Nuclues Research and Forrester and awarded Visionary by Gartner.

Direct yourself.

Total control and management capabilities with M-Files Admin, the cockpit of your information management.

Get everything out.

Thanks to the M-Files Academy, your colleagues will train themselves to become experts. 

In your language.

M-Files is available in as many as 37 languages.

It doesn't get any safer.

With M-Files, you can count on Enterprise Security. Data is secured at the highest level both in residual and in transit.  

All connected.

M-Files is an open platform that connects to your existing applications thanks to seamless integrations or via the M-Files API. 

Save time and costs.

297% Return on investment according to independent research Forrester.

Manage documents & information like never before.

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