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M-Files use cases

M-Files is a unique platform that allows governments and organisations to manage all their documents and information, streamline processes and embrace mobility. The platform offers an enormous number of functionalities that are useful for every organisation. In addition, premium partner GeONE has developed special environments that optimally support specific use cases and sectors and are often immediately deployable.

Document management

Document management spreads across all departments and processes in an organization. With M-Files you create quick and easy access to the right documents at the right time. Make your organisation more efficient with extensive capabilities in permissions, workflows, version control and more.

Project management

M-Files for project management creates a central place where you can easily manage and access project documentation. Get a grip on and insight into your projects.

Quality management

M-Files QMS makes it easy for companies to improve their quality management and meet certification requirements. With years of experience in meeting stringent quality and compliance needs, M-Files QMS has all the common document and process management capabilities.

Asset management

Learn more about the unique power of metadata-driven enterprise asset management for plant maintenance and Master Data Management (MDM).

Contract management

Cloud-based out-of-the-box contract management application of M-Files that automates your contract management. Increase visibility and compliance. Avoid unexpectedly expiring contracts forever.

Human resource management

A modern approach to easily manage and even automate employee related documents, records and HR related processes. This allows you to achieve greater efficiency and ensure compliance. Bring all HR related information, documents and processes together at one place.

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