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Asset management software

Discover M-Files’ extensive asset management capabilities. Grab the challenges before they become problems.

Technical data always within reach

Successful plant and installation maintenance is based on predefined processes and maintenance plans that proactively perform the vast majority of maintenance tasks. This improves safety and results in increased productivity through higher uptime.

Unfortunately, only a small proportion of installations can achieve this goal because most maintenance teams do not have access to accurate master data. Important data related to various locations and specific equipment is often missing or inaccurate. In addition, other critical documents such as material invoices (BOM) and drawings are usually not linked to technical data and are not readily available. Moreover, collecting technical data within the organization is a major challenge and often becomes impossible without advanced tools, especially when it comes to data from external maintenance partners.

Trusted interface on every device

M-Files enables the collection of technical data, both internally and from partners, using simple forms that anyone can use without training. Employees and partners can access the system through a trusted and efficient native Windows client that supports caching and offline access for better performance and reliability. This also works in low bandwidth or even offline environments. Users can access the system as with My Documents or My Computer in Windows, but faster and safer. The system is also accessible via standard web browsers or mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets that support the most popular platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows.

Complete integration on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid

M-Files Asset Management is available as both on-premises software deployment based on proven Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server technology, as well as robust and scalable cloud services on Microsoft Azure. In addition, M-Files supports hybrid deployments that allow data to be stored both on-premise and in the cloud. It also offers a variety of options that enable organizations to maximize existing investments in on-premise software and devices while leveraging the cloud to meet changing and emerging needs and opportunities.

M-Files can connect to virtually any database or system via ODBC or OLE DB drivers or via web services. In addition, integrations with a wide range of popular systems are already available, including SAP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce CRM and NetSuite.

Improve your asset management with M-Files

Most specific asset management systems and asset modules within ERP systems do not have modern document management capabilities. It is possible to easily connect M-Files to these systems and link important maintenance documents to equipment and functional location data.

Let M-Files work with systems such as IBM Maximo or SAP PM. The result is that users navigate directly from the user interface of the existing asset management system to the associated documents without having to get to know a new system.

Document control

Document management (check-in and check-out) with full audit trail and automatic version control.


Integrated electronic and digital signatures for secure and efficient signing.


Logging and OCR for the processing of paper documents.


Automated workflows and business process management for greater efficiency.

Advanced permissions

Metadata-controlled permissions that enable unique automated management of user access rights.


Fast and accurate search thanks to intelligent search technology.

Offline availability

Offline access and data caching for better performance and reliability.


Web and mobile access to documents and information, always and everywhere available.

Collaborating with external parties

Publish content and collaborate with both internal employees and external partners.

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