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Document management for human resources

With M-Files document management human resources you have a modern platform to easily manage and even automate employee related documents, records and HR related processes.

Cherish human capital with document management for human resources

Building and maintaining a good team is one of the most important factors of a successful business. From recruitment and selection to hiring and then onboarding new staff. Every euro that organisations invest in managing and optimising the employee lifecycle efficiently and consistently often pays for itself twice over.

First and foremost, M-Files helps to comply with various safety, health and labour regulations. However, what makes the difference is that organisations with M-Files build and maintain strong teams. Through an intelligent document management platform, employees grow faster and so does the organisation itself.

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Benefits Document Management Human Resources

Insight & Control

Employee related documents are often scattered throughout the organization. These documents can be found, for example, in e-mails, in folders on the network drive or in other repositories or information silos (LINK TO BLOG). M-Files stores all employee-related information centrally, in the cloud or on-premise. In addition, M-Files provides HR with insight, control and efficient processing of employees’ documents and records.

Efficiency & Automation

Many HR processes today are done manually, while this makes them time-consuming with an increased risk of errors. By automating the management of HR documentation with M-Files HR, organizations reduce the chance of errors and easily comply with laws and regulations. Automation is based on easy-to-use templates, tasks and workflows, complete with integrated personal notifications.

Naleving & veiligheid

M-Files HR assures organizations that employee records are secure and stored in line with government regulations (including GDPR/AVG). Thanks to the version history and full audit log, organizations easily comply with laws and regulations. Automatic permissions ensure that only legitimate persons have access to confidential employee documents and information. Permissions automatically manage organizations on an individual basis or through preset groups, including support for Active Directory.

M-Files supports the entire employee cycle

With M-Files, you have a platform that allows you to manage and optimise the entire employee cycle. Take a look back at the M-Files webinar to see what document management human resource can do for your organisation.

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Integration with existing Human Resource systems

M-Files integrates with existing HRMS and HRIS systems. Systems such as Workday and PeopleSoft integrate seamlessly with M-Files, even custom-built systems or databases developed in-house pose no problem at all.

M-Files HR is built on such an architecture that it is easy to link with other systems to provide a full 360 degree view of Human Resource documents and information.

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