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Software for project management.

Overview, control and grip on all projects

Project management software from M-Files streamlines the document management of projects, creating grip and reducing risk.

Project management software is indispensable

Since data and documents are often central to a project, it is crucial that they are also managed efficiently. However, this is proving increasingly difficult with illogical folder structures and islands of project data being disconnected from the project, stored in different systems and documents therefore losing context. This not only makes important project information difficult to find, but it can also lead to costly errors and delays in the project, especially when information is stored incorrectly.

A document management
system speeds up projects

M-Files eliminates the project slowing effects of information chaos. The intelligent information management platform enables project teams to have a 360° throughout the project lifecycle with instant access to all information and data, anywhere (offline and also mobile). In addition, M-Files streamlines repetitive information gathering processes, such as at project close, allowing employees to focus their energy on more business-critical tasks, such as supporting clients.

Reduce risks and increase quality

M-Files reduces the risk of delays and costs that result from poor document management. The M-Files technology can find project information wherever it is located ( network folders, email, SharePoint, etc.) and display it in the most current version. Organizations make decisions this way with the right and latest information, which not only reduces risk, but also helps to better serve customers.

Benefits project management software

Manage projects and documents smartly with M-Files for project management. Discover how M-Files takes project management in your organization to the next level.

Creation of project documents

With document templates, creating project documentation takes little effort. Easily create a project hierarchy and documents from aligned templates.


People can easily collaborate on project documentation across the organization and also with external parties, without creating chaos with document versioning in the process.

Process automation

Automated workflows ensure that document tasks are delegated to the right people at the right time.

Track project progress

Project teams can instantly track the progress of one or more projects and see the status of tasks and processes.

Connect data & documents

Various project data such as customers, products, services, etc. can be easily linked to associated documents and can also be found through the links.

Altijd en overal

M-Files is compatible with any device and screen allowing you to have project documentation always at hand. Even without an internet connection.

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Start vandaag nog.Kies voor online advies, een persoonlijke demonstratie of probeer M-Files direct uit.
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