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Microsoft Teams documentmanagement integration

Simplify information governance, minimize risk and manage content effectively in Microsoft Teams

Your organization uses Microsoft Teams as a collaboration solution. Think of a daily chat, collaboration, document creation and information sharing.

The recent increase in remote working has led to an enormous growth in the use of Microsoft Teams. Although Teams is a great collaboration tool, it also raises many questions regarding information management and potential data leaks.

Simplify information governance

M-Files allows users of Microsoft teams to access relevant information regardless of where it is stored, while ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

Minimize security risks

M-Files enables a robust and customizable permissions structure so that people can only access the documents they are supposed to have access to.

Extensive document management

Improve document management for Microsoft teams and give users better access to all relevant information – always in the right context and in compliance with regulations.

  • Access all information and documents in Microsoft Teams (including from other systems)
  • Full metadata management from Teams
  • Always 1 and the correct version
  • No duplicates
  • Workflow management
  • Permission management

Microsoft Teams document management video

Watch this video to see how M-Files enables users of Microsoft Teams to access relevant information no matter where it is stored, while ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

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