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View personal document dashboards in M-Files.

Personal document dashboards

When documents are traditionally stored in folders, you will always have to search for a document yourself, but what if only the documents that are important to you were displayed? You can do that with personalised document dashboards.

Why are personal document dashboards important?

The growth in the amount of documents and information knowledge workers have to work with is continuing. Never before has this 'data mountain' been so large, and people are looking for the right information or the right document more often and for longer.

As the amount of documents and information grows, so does the amount of documents that are irrelevant to you personally. And that in turn leads to more lost time.

How nice would it be if only information and documents that are relevant to you personally are shown? That's something you can achieve with personal dashboards.

What are personal document dashboards?

In M-Files it is possible to create personal dashboards that show overviews (enumerations) of only relevant information and documents for a specific person.

The personal dashboards are created on the basis of the metadata of the documents. They are enumerations of objects (information, tasks, documents, projects, files, etc.) based on a filter.

As you can imagine, metadata gives unlimited possibilities in creating personal dashboards.

The possibilities of personal document dashboards

Because M-Files is metadata-driven, all conceivable enumerations of objects are possible in a personal dashboard.

The dashboards can be lists of documents, tasks, projects, files, machines, locations, people, etc. based on a metadata filter.

Some examples of views in a personal dashboard:

  • My projects of period X
  • Tasks I have to perform
  • Contracts I have to approve
  • Security checks that have just been carried out
  • Files that are incomplete

The advantages of personal document dashboards

Don't miss anything

Personal document dashboards ensure that, for example, all documents and tasks that require your attention are clearly displayed. This prevents people from forgetting their tasks because employees are pro-actively informed.

Better planning

Because it is immediately clear in an overview which actions still need to be done, it is much easier to plan these actions.

Enforce tasks

As an organisation, personal document dashboards provide a grip on tasks that need to be enforced.

Video about personal document dashboards

See how to create personalised views of different objects based on a filter.

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